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Thursday, 11 October 2012

RAYKO - Dragon Soul (Glenview US)

  1. Funkin Your Mind (Rayko Mind F*cker edit) 
  2. Conscious Of My Love (Rayko Mighty Dragon Soul edit) 
  3. Come & Get It (Rayko Mighty Dragon Soul edit) 
  4. Get It Off The Ground (Rayko edit) 
  5. Love Wars (Rayko Dragon Soul edit) 
  6. Keep Giving Me Love (Rayko Red Dragon Soul edit) 
  7. You're No Better Than A Common Thief (Rayko edit) 
  8. I Can Do It (Anyway You Want It) (Rayko edit) 
  9. Hold On To Your Dreams (Rayko Spiritual Gargamel edit - bonus track) 

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